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We are providing healthcare services for the people in Bangladesh since 2017.

We are covering not only health checkup, but the whole healthcare from preventing to caring. 

Our goal is to provide proper medical care to all the people in Bangladesh. Many people are still not satisfied with medical services due to the lack of the number of doctors and the quality of services. 

We are designing our future in which anyone can access to the healthcare services as if they have hospitals, clinics, and doctors in their hands.

Our services are being supervised by a Japanese, Dr. Morita Tomohiro and being helped by a Japanese AI company, miup Inc. ( Therefore, we can offer the same quality and the same package in Japan for screening NCDs. 

As we are giving first priority to our customers, our service is very user-friendly. Our medical report is visualized and writing not only the result but the health rank from A to D so that they can know their own body easily. In addition, we are offering at a very reasonable price, hoping as many people as possible can use our service. 

If our customer is confronted with serious health issues, we can introduce medical professionals and hospitals so that you can take more detailed doctor consultation and special treatment like surgeries. 

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